COVID-19 and CARES Act Update to SECURE Act Article

April 7, 2019


With uncertainty and changing landscape amid the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit organizations should exercise even higher than ordinary thoughtfulness and sensitivity in determining whether and when to send donor communications, including planned giving messaging.  Many public media stations are postponing or reviewing current planned giving messaging to avoid upsetting supporters and others who may be particularly sensitive to messaging regarding estate planning.

Additionally, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) was signed into law on March 27th, 2020.  This landmark legislation included some provisions related to or affecting charitable giving.  The expanded provisions for Economic Injury Disaster Loans could be make-or-break for some organizations but have a more indirect effect on charitable giving.  Three other pieces of the CARES Act relevant to charitable giving are:

If you decide to create messaging for your donors about either the CARES Act or SECURE Act changes, it may be advisable to combine them into one, with a theme in the vein of “recent changes in the law affecting charitable giving” and hit on key points of both.

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